2015.04.05 - Moa Kikuchi last diary on Sakura Gakuin 

Moa Kikuchi wrote her last Sakura Gakuin diary as member, as Student Council President. She was about the Graduation Ceremony held on March 29, made mention to Sakura Gakuin Senpais and also asked Fukei-Sans support for the next 2015 Nendo. But also as the "Angel Of Love" she spread lot of love during her last diary. Please read the english translation below thanks to our translator Onji Kobe

Last Moa's diary as Sakura Gakuin member 

It's Kikuchi Moa.

I graduated from Sakura Gakuin at the graduation ceremony on March 29.

Thank you very much.:)

I am blessed with so many people having seen us off!

The graduation concert lasted three hours -- longer than usual, but it seemed like a blink. I felt like singing and dancing as long as possible, as far as my strength lasts. I hoped to play every one of Sakura songs.

I love Sakura Gakuin I have, and always will.

And that's true for every one of graduates. Every graduate loves Sakura Gakuin from her heart, in her way. We had been Sakura Gakuin students. We can help loving Sakura Gakuin!!! And I hope every student following us will keep the same mind.

I think this 'Love' to Sakura Gakuin is the most important thing which we should keep in mind, we should send to younger generation.

'Love' is mysterious, isn't it? Sometimes I feel I can't love more! ...And then, find myself loving deeper. There is no limit. My love grow bigger and deeper.

Now I've graduated from Sakura Gakuin, and my love to Sakura Gakuin is still growing up. Maybe my Senpais also feel the same! I love Sakura Gakuin this much, *but* I must graduate from it. I love Sakura Gakuin this much, *therefore* I must graduate from it. Now I can realize the meaning of graduation.

"It's your turn"
"It's your turn"

Every year, there is a parting and a meeting in Sakura Gakuin. Every time we experience it, new Sakura Gakuin begins!

Our school regulations says 'Put your love' and 'Send your love'. Every year, we receive Senpai's love, and on the basis of the love, we create new Sakura Gakuin!! Graduates sometimes say 'I want to go back to those days, but I can't go back to current Sakura Gakuin'. That's because Sakura Gakuin is renewed every year.

In 2015 Nendo, there will be a new Sakura Gakuin which only 2015 Nendo members can create. Please find your own color of 2015 Nendo. Moa is always on your side.

So, Fukei-sans, Moa want to ask you.

From now, Sakura Gakuin current members start struggling to find their own Sakura Gakuin. Please not compare them with former Sakura Gakuin. Please not compare with other Idol groups. Sakura Gakuin is Sakura Gakuin! 2015 Nendo is 2015 Nendo!!! I hope you to watch over them gently.

I'm sorry for my asking when I have to express my gratitude. But I trust your love to Sakura Gakuin.

And...thank you for your love you have given to me.

I'd like to express my gratitude to each Fukei-san in person, but it's impossible wish. So I thank you here, and will express my gratitude by doing my best in future activities.

I have been so happy to have met Sakura Gakuin, to have met you. I'll cherish this meeting forever and ever! Thank you very much.

Sakura Gakuin is the best!!!!!