2015.04.04 - Yui's new diary about Road To Graduation Setlists

Yui wrote a new diary about the Setlists made by her for the last two Sakura Gakuin events before her graduation. First show at Tsutaya O-East for "Road To Graduation 'Be Ambitious, Memorial Summit'" and "The Road To Graduation 2014 Final". Read her thoughts about each song below with Onji Kobe's translation. 

Yui Mizuno's diary about the setlists of the last two Sakura Gakuin events

Hello. It's Yui.

On March 26 and March 29, thank you very much for coming to see us, for watching us via Live-Viewing and for cheering us up from a distance!! This year, Yui has made a setlist for each concert and has explained my thought here. This is the last job for Yui as a Produce Chairperson.

March 26 (Thursday) "The Road to Graduation 2014 'Be ambitious, Memorial Summit'"

1. Verishuvi

From the very beginning, I picked the song which drive us hyped.

In my opninion, This song is a song which encourages us to show our personality at an open-class or on a stage. I'm glad if you could feel the 'special Verishuvi' which only 10 of us could play.

2.. Makeruna! Seishun Hizakozou

3. Gokigen! Mr.Toropicalory

These two songs are of 'growth period series' in the songs, the feeling of girls in their growth-period are condensed. When I listened to Toropicalory, I felt like to play it with Hizakozou. So I put them here!!

4. Fly Away

5.. I·J·I

6. Otomegokoro。

These three songs show you the 'cool, straight Sakura Gakuin'. The choreography of these songs are awesome.

And, they are not only cool. But they have good messages in the lyric. 'Courage'(Fly Away), 'Pride'(I·J·I) or 'a Maiden's heart' (Otomegokoro). I hope such messages in each song had reached to you.

7. Marshmallow irono Kimito

8. Sayonara Namida

In the lyric of these two songs, the graduates are compared to 'Teddy Bear' and 'notebook' suggests our 'Sakura no Okite【a code of Sakura】'(we have a notebook in which graduates and current girls have been writing our principles or models as a Sakura girl and will carry them to newer generations). The songs are written with such metaphors! I'm glad if we could carry our gratitude.

9.. Animal Rhythm

10. Hana x Hana

In thse two songs, we turn into animals or bees. Could you enjoy Sakura girls with full of cuteness???

11. Message

This song has few choreo and the formation-change is made slowly. We could look at each Fukei-sans carefully. We sang with our hearts full of thanks. Did you receive our hearts?

12. Kimi Ni Todoke

13. Friends

Our favorite two songs writen by cAnoN-sensei. I hope you could feel our strong bond.

On March 26, we unveiled 'Gokigen! Mr.Tropicalory','Sayonara Namida' and 'Kimi Ni Todoke'!! I could enjoy the last all-standing concert very much.

March 29 (Sunday) "The Road to Graduation 2014 Final Sakura Gakuin 2014 Nendo The Graduation"

1. Mezase! Superlady

The concert starts with Mori-sensei's appearance. It's an annual highlight now, isn't it? (Laughs) I picked this song for the starter in order to show you each character of 10 of us cleary.

3. School Days

Our school song.

I hope the very 'Sakura Gakuin-ness' shown in the lyric of this song will live forever. Honestly, I just hope so.

3. Hello! IVY

The Sakura-colored ocean which Fukei-sans create has been giving us a lot of power. The song in which we can be ONE with Fukei-sans -- can I miss it?

4. Gokigen! Mr.Toropicalory

This song is just for us -- we are now greatly growing up in height and in wei...(Laughs) Let's go on a diet together with us..(Laughs)

5. Aogeba Tootoshi

This year's graduation song!! Now the graduation concert really begins. Let's share the last moment with us! With such intent, I picked this song.

6. Tenshi to Akuma (Baton club)

7. Spin in the Wind (Pro-wrestling circle)

8. Peace de Check! (Koubaibu)

9.Minipati medley (Cooking club)

10. Sleep Wonder

11. Planet Episode 008

Two songs with a touch of fantasy. Teachers often said we were good at expressing this kind of dreamy songs.

How did you feel?

12. Heart No Hoshi

13. Mikansei Silhouette

14. Takaramono

These three songs are the songs which Yui want them to be succeeded to the future Sakura Gakuin. As a Produce Chairperson, Yui put my wish to this block. Once I promised to show you "complete Mikansei Silhouette" at the graduation concert.

Could I fulfill my promise?

15. My Graduation Toss

When some melancholy mood starts to drift, I dare to put this hyper song. The lyric written by Tommy-san exactly fit us.

16. Kimi Ni Todoke

This year, we found difficulty in sending our mind to each other, or in playing with 10 of us all. Now we overcame the difficulties and could send this song with 10 full members! I hope our hearts reached to you!!

17. Yumeni Mukatte

The new-starting song which we have been cherishing since the very beginning days. We seniors must start new voyage toward our dreams. And existing members must start their improvement in new school year. With such mind, I picked this song just before the ceremony.

The Graduation Ceremony

18. Tabidachi no Hini

From the first graduation concert, we had been playing 'Tabidachi no Hini' just after the ceremony. Whenever I hear this song, I become full of so many memories of graduation cencerts.

19. See you...

This song is the 'must succeed' song for me. At the time I was named Produce Chairperson, I decided to play this song at the graduation concert.

As a Produce Chairperson, I have made setlist for each concert this year. Every song of Sakura Gakuin is wonderful and I've found difficulty in deciding setlist. I became a Produce Chairperson and tried to realize the feeling of Fukei-sans. And I came to think how we can send our hearts with which song. I've learned so many things. I hoped to play every songs of Sakura Gakuin in this year, but I'm sorry to say we couldn't play five songs. In fact, we practiced one of which and was almost going to play!!!

I wondered a lot, and decided the last setlist. I performed each song with my true heart.

If we will have a chance to play with graduates and current members, Yui hope to make a setlist for the concert.

I am so happy to have been a Produce Chairperson.