2015.04.04 - Yui Mizuno's last diary on Sakura Gakuin

Yui Mizuno wrote her very last diary as Sakura Gakuin member. Very emotional last diary by Yui. She talks about the beginnings of Sakura Gakuin before Yumeni Mukatte to her Graduation on 2015. Yui talks about her 5 years as Sakura Gakuin member with a very touching last message to Sakura Gakuin staff, members, Fukei-Sans and also BABYMETAL fans.

Read her last diary translated by Onji Kobe

Yui's very last diary as Sakura Gakuin member 

Hello. It's Yui.

I graduated from Sakura Gakuin on March 29 and this is my very last diary post.

It's been 5 years since Sakura Gakuin was founded. Moa and Yui have seen everything.

From one year before the foundation, every month we had an audition-with-lesson. Every time, we had to perform a set song and a free program. Elementary schooler Yui tried her best dreaming a day to perform on a stage with other members. It had been really tough!

When I was chosen as a member, and when the name of our group was decided to 'Sakura Gakuin', I felt like I was in heaven. (Laughs). Once we made a presentation to a record company and failed. We realized a severe reality and knew we must improve much more. That is why we felt so pleased when our debut with 'Yumeni Mukatte' was fixed, and when we played at TIF for the very first time. I'll never forget the happy moment. I have learned so many things in Sakura Gakuin.

I have seen seniors graduate every year, and finally, my turn to graduate has come. It's really sad, but I know Rinon, Saki, (Shirai) Saki-chan, Aiko, Sara and Megu together with new transfer-ins surely will succeed Yui's mind, the mind of all graduates. Yui shall keep sending my power to Sakura Gakuin forever. Yui shall keep watching you. In hard times, feel free to consult me, depend on me. Every graduate has been kindly taking care of us, cheering us up, and protecting us. From now on, Yui want to be a good graduate like them.

Moa, Hana and Yunano...it was really fun to have a casual talk with you. We now start new life toward our respective dream. Let's make our dreams come true.

Principal Kuramoto-sensei has made us experience several things, let us improve ourselves. Thanks to Mori-sensei's help, Yui could express myself fully. I had been so timid burdened with 'senior's responsibility'. Teachers gave me advices and set the best circumstance for us. Mikiko-sensei, Kazune-sensei, Yuka-sensei, Yako-sensei and all people who has concerned to Sakura Gakuin...I'm full of gratitude to you for everything.

And...every one of Fukei-sans. Thank you for your sending power to me as if you were my real father or mother! Recently, I'm glad to see suprisingly many audience to the concert or comments to this diary from abroad. I could overcome everything because of Fukei-sans. I'm heartily, truly thankful to you. Please keep supporting my beloved Sakura Gakuin.

With a never-diminishing bond I shared with Sakura Gakuin members, I'll keep going toward Mizuno Yui's dream and YUIMETAL's dream.

Thank you very very much for your support in these five years. I'm proud of having been a member of Sakura Gakuin.

Even if we are separated, our hearts is one.

And even if I graduated, our hearts is one.

I LOVE Sakura Gakuin.

2014 Nendo graduate, Mizuno Yui.