2015.04.03 - Hana Taguchi last diary on Sakura Gakuin

After Yunano's farewell (read here) now is time of Hana Taguchi. Hana did a short but very emotional last diary about the Graduation Ceremony and her future. Read the diary translated by our collaborator Onji Kobe

Hana's last diary post as Sakura Gakuin member

The graduation ceremony ended safely.

And I am greeting a morning with a strange feeling.

Could I send "Taguchi Hana, Sakura Gakuin student" to you at the last stage?

After the graduation ceremony, All of the graduates came to the dressing room to greet us.

There were 19 of them, graduates and current students.

The gathering made me feel acutely that Hana had grown up in really awesome place!  **Yeaoh!!**

I have been very happy in these 4 years filled with you Fukei-sans' love.

Thank you very very much!

From now on, I will concentrate on improving myself as a 'Young Tiger' of Torahime-Ichiza.