Sakura Gakuin Nendo 2015 new transfer students event on May 6

Sakura Gakuin announced the first Nendo 2015 event. "Inverting Equation" to take place at The Garden Hall on May 6. New members will join the 6 current members. More details below. 


Sakura Gakuin "Inverting Equation" at The Garden Hall on May 6

After the Graduation Ceremony at NHK Hall on March 29 where Moa Kikuchi, Yui Mizuno, Hana Taguchi and Yunano Notsu graduated the Sakura Gakuin group was only with 6 members featuring, Aiko Yamaide, Megumi Okada, Ooga Saki, Rinon Isono, Sara Kurashima and Shirai Saki

The new transfer students "Inverting Equation" event will take place next May 6 at The Garden Hall in Tokyo to receive possible up to 4 new members. This will be the first Sakura Gakuin Nendo 2015 event. 

The ticket sales starts on April 18 at 12:00 Japanese Time. 

Open Doors at 17:00 Japanese Time

Event Start at 17:30 Japanese Time