2015.03.31 - Sakura Gakuin students diary "The Graduation Ceremony" 

Sakura Gakuin diary post, this time with all the current and graduated members from Nendo 2014. Messages from the girls about The Graduation Ceremony 2014 including the messages of the third graders Moa Kikuchi as Student Council President, Yui Mizuno, Hana Taguchi and Yunano Notsu. Diary translated by Thomas Malone. 

Graduation Ceremony messages by Sakura Gakuin Nendo 2014 Students

Congratulations on a wonderful Graduation ceremony!

We have taken possession of a great baton passed on from the four 3rd grader!

Even if we are separated we are all one! Let`s do our best this school year as well! -Shirai

Let us not forget what the 4 girls taught us and hold their lessons tight to our chests as we do our best as Jr. High students this school year. -Yamaide Aiko

I hope to do my best to and go full out in carrying the hopes and feelings of the 3rd graders into this next school year. Please look over us warmly and gently. -Kurashima Sara

I will never forget what you have taught us this year! I will do my best upon becoming a Jr. High school student. -Okada Megumi

I hope that the the 3rd graders feel that we were the perfect members to come after them. We are all connected now and into the future. -Ooga

It was really fun. Thank you so much. Please look favorably on us next year as well. -Rinon

It was at once a long period of 5 years but which seemed to pass in a flash. I am full of nothing but appreciation! Really, thank you for everything! There are so many things I hoped to have conveyed, hoped to have given to you.... And so, this over all else, I am so happy to have been born to meet with Sakura Gakuin and to meet with all of you. I will love you all forever. -Moa

The 5 years I spent in Sakura Gakuin...there were times that were difficult but the graduates, the present members, the teachers and the Fukei-san all helped me out at these times, making me so happy. Really, honestly, truly thank you so much. -Yui

Taguchi - In the 4 years of being a member of Sakura Gakuin, from the day I transferred in I loved Sakura Gakuin so much that it was only Sakura Gakuin that I thought about everyday. But there were times when things got tough and I felt like giving it all up, but now I am so happy that I didn`t and continued through to today. `Thank you for everything`

In my 3 years there were many tough times and times of remorse. But balancing these out were the many, many fun times making each day so bright and sunny! Thank you to all of the members, the Fukei-san and to the teachers who supported us.