2013.03.31 - Suzuka's last diary: "With a heartful gratitude"

On March 31 of 2013 Suzuka Nakamoto wrote her last diary before her graduation. With a very emotive last diary Suzuka thanked to all Fukei-Sans and the Sakura Gakuin members, also mentioned a very important person for her, Mikiko-Sensei. 

Read the last diary wrote by Suzuka Nakamoto before her graduation. Translation by Hitoshi Sugioka


Suzuka Nakamoto about her Sakura Gakuin's Graduation Ceremony

Now. The morning light of the graduation day greets me.

Su is very calm, as if I'm charmed. With a heartful gratitude to Fukei-sans and Sakura Gakuin, which has nurtured Su for these three years, Su swear to make the graduation concert as her very best!


When Su was 5th-grade in elementary school, made a promise to MIkiko-Sensei. "Never cry on the stage"

Because, the stage is the place where I show my best performance to the audience.

Because, Su wants to show you my best singing and dancing and send you my gratitude. Because, Su want to convince itself, Su would been able to make the stage very best.


And because, Su wants Fukei-Sans and Sakura members remember Su, as always devoting all my energy to the stage.

There may be Fukei-Sans who cannot attend today's stage. but I think I can show you today's stage later, so please wait a little the day comes.


At the end, I will show you my good luck charm which has been watching over Su as exceptional special service this time only.

Thanks watching over me.


Nakamoto Suzuka.

Nakayoshi = Good Friends
Nakayoshi = Good Friends