Watch the new Sakura Gakuin program on #LoGirl, March 30! 

New Sakura Gakuin program on #LoGiRL, March 30. This time and for the first time ever without the 3rd Graders recently graduated. Moa Kikuchi, Hana Taguchi, Yui Mizuno and Yunano Notsu graduated just yesterday (March 29) were rumored to appear in the program but their places were very well covered by the current members and Mori-Sensei. Watch the full show below!

First #LoGiRL program without the Nendo 2014 Third Graders

After 10 programs, and 11 weeks Sakura Gakuin did their first program without the recently graduated from the group Moa Kikuchi as Student Council President, Hana Taguchi, Yui Mizuno and Yunano Notsu. This time the program was lead by Mori-Sensei and Rinon Isono who is presumed as the new Student Council President for Nendo 2015. 

Along with Rinon Isono, Aiko Yamaide, Megumi Okada, Ooga Saki and Shirai Saki. 

Also the program has as special guest the Amuse mascot, Mimiy! 

Don't miss the full program courtesy of our collaborator MissingReel