Moa & Yui interviewed about BABYMETAL and their friendship 

A summary of the report and interview made by with the Sakura Gakuin Third Graders, Hana Taguchi, Moa Kikuchi, Yui Mizuno and Yunano Notsu. This excerpt is focused only on Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi talking about their friendship and BABYMETAL. Translation made by Ikazuki, corrections made by Hitoshi Sugioka

Moa & Yui interviewed on about their friendship and BABYMETAL

-Two small girls. Such feeling.

Moa and Yui who were a primary school in those days are moved into as the youngest member in Sakura Gakuin (08.2010).

You became taller than those days. In a official profile, Yui were 130cm, Moa were 129cm.


Moa: "(Laugh) I added 1cm in those days. I do not have to add it now. I became 153cm."

Yui: "Yui became 156cm."

Moa: "As for Yui, growth stops soon."

Yui: "No, no, I become taller."

Moa: "Yui's father and mother are tall, too. I try hard to get closer to her height."


-We were able to open a new road by BABYMETAL.

When you became a junior high student, BABYMETAL project started. When Suzuka Nakamoto (Sumetal) was in Sakura Gakuin, it was club activities unit. And BABYMETAL became the extracurricular activity after Suzuka graduated. It was separated by Sakura Gakuin.


Yui: "There was not the precedent which there was a unit of Sakura Gakuin after graduation. So Yui thought that Su-Chan did its best towards a dream alone."

Moa: "I thought so, too. So when we were told to be active together in BABYMETAL, we had anxious various problems. I thought very much. Can the student with activity restrictions do it the activity of the graduate together?

Does the activity of Sakura Gakuin not become negligent by performing BABYMETAL activities? I talked with teachers about such a thought a lot. Su-Chan thought of that warmly."


And you decided it. As the idol who has two faces without cutting both corners. And you did your best and ran.

Moa: "Yes. We think that it was good to continue it. Triggered by BABYMETAL, many people will come to Sakura Gakuin to watch it now. And the BABYMETAL activities were able to open up a new road after the graduation."

Yui: "In our balancing activity on Sakura Gakuin with BABYMETAL, our love thing is conveyed and think that was able to bring about a result to each other."


-I feel that it was good because I can have a good friend.

Two girls are always together after entering Sakura Gakuin. But may you walk separate ways after graduation.


Moa: "(I am don't think about that) not being together with Yui. I don't think that.."

Yui: "It is not a thought. We are always together really. We are always together even when staying at the hotel."

Moa: "We met every day during summer. I don't know how to spend time alone on holidays well."

Yui: "Yes. We were together from morning to night at times. We were together than with our own family last summer."

Moa: "Yes. It became all right even if we remained silent each other. (Laugh) And we were in a bad mood in the morning."

Yui: "That's right. Both were waking in a bad mood. I feel that it was good because I can have a good friend."


-You two will be friends forever? Even if you went separate ways?

Yui & Moa: "Yes!"