2015.03.27 - Yui's diary "Sakura girls seen by Yui" Yunano, Hana & Moa

Yui Mizuno wrote the part three of her "Sakura girls seen by Yui", (part 1, part 2)this time featuring the third graders, Yunano Notsu, Hana Taguchi and her best friend Moa Kikuchi. Once again with an emotional message at the end.

Diary translated by Onji Kobe

Yui talking about Hana Taguchi, Yunano Notsu and Moa Kikuchi

Hello It's Yui.

This time, I want to introduce Moa, Hana and Yunano as Yui see them!!

First, Yunano.

She is known to 'spit venom', but I sometimes saw her apologizing to lectures "I'm sorry for saying too harsh things".

I think Yunano is the only person who can play a part of Talk-chairperson this year. She always can pick up on something☆ Yunano joined Sakura Gakuin when she was 1st grade of middle school, so she has been Sakura girl two years shorter than Yui. But she is very reliable.

.Next, Hana.

Since when we turned seniors, we come to consult each other, or talked about Sakura Gakuin. I could realize a lot of Hana. Hana is not good at expressing herself, but seeing her trying her best at open-classes, I was struck with awe to her. Hana is always modest and temperate, just as Hana on stage. (Laughs)

Finally, Moa.

Moa is considerate, good at reading between the lines, and make us laugh all the time. Yui and Moa had shared the time for so long. So I know many faces of Moa which she never shows to other people. And I think I can be this strong because we've been together. I hope we can keep laughing, and stimulating each other.

This year, four of us have lead Sakura Gakuin. Sometimes, our efforts failed to show results. But now we've overcome such spinning wheels, and I can safely say "I'm glad to be a colleague of you."

On 26th and 29th of March, 10 of us surely will make a special stage which only Sakura Gakuin-now can make.

Please watch us hard.