2015.03.26 - Moa's diary: "RTG 2014 'Be ambitious, Memorial Summit'"

One of the lasts Moa's diaries as Sakura Gakuin member about the "Road To Graduation 2014 'Be ambitious, Memorial Summit'" held at Tsutaya O-East on March 26. She talks about the event and shares a huge Moa Photo Gallery with great photos to remember her stay on Sakura Gakuin. Diary Translated by Onji Kobe. 

Moa's diary about "The Road To Graduation 2014" and her Photo Gallery 

Well, finally, It's time to start "The Road to Graduation 2014 'Be ambitious, Memorial Summit'" at O-EAST.

We began to have all-standing concerts when Su-Chan was the President because of her hope to 'feel the audience closer'

The graduation ceremony (concert) will be all-seated, so, today, let's have a blast! Have Fun together!!!!

Now, for the people who can't come to the concert, today's diary is a 'MOA Photo Gallery' after a long while.

This is the last 'MOA Photo Gallery' (pay homage to a museum). 【There is a famouse museum in Japan】So, I picked many kind of photos of members.

We had already showed too funny faces at LoGiRL...so we are afraid of nothing now. lol

Please enjoy MOA Photo Gallery till the concert begins!!