2015.03.26 - Diary by Yui: "It's sad to think of Sakura Gakuin without me"

Yui Mizuno wrote another diary about her "Sakura Girls seen from Yui again"series. This time talking about Shirai Saki, Ooga Saki and the "Genious" Rinon Isono. Also she makes mention to her farewell from Sakura Gakuin next Sunday at the Graduation Event at the NHK Hall. One of the lasts diaries by Yui. Translation courtesy of our translator Onji Kobe


New diary by Yui: "Sakura Girls seen from Yui again" 

Hello. It's Yui.

This time, I want to introduce Rinon, Saki and (Shirai)Saki-Chan as Yui see them!!

First, (Shirai)Saki-Chan, a representative of Fukei-sans...

(S)Saki-Chan is a girl who has a good patience and she never whines. I've been worrying about her overrestraint. (S)Saki-Chan knows Sakura Gakuin's beauty thoroughly, and is going to succeed it.

So, I can be positive about Sakura Gakuin-next year, as long as she is a member.

Next, "From under" Saki. 【'Sita-kara, Shita-kara'(=from under, from under) is a kind of notto of Ooga Saki. Once, Mori-sensei commented to Saki that "Your saying sounds like very 'Ue-kara'" -- means, Her saying is arrogant and sound 'from above'. To the comment, Saki replied "No. It's from under" -- means, "I'm humble and always look up to anyone".】

In a rainy day, Saki puts her diary manuscrypt into a plastic folder in order not to make it wet. As such, Saki is very careful and cautious. And she sometimes drops a bombshell at open-class events or something..

At the same time, She also is easily hurt and worrisome!! In those days, that made her quiet and she couldn't express herself. But she had never broken even in a discouraged moment. Yui got a lot of energy from Saki.

And, 'Genius!!' Rinon.

Rinon always welcomes everyone and never loses herself. She has never showed her tears to Fukei-sans even in a graduation ceremony. But Yui saw her drying many times. Sometimes she phoned to me at night and wept about her problems. Sometimes she whined with despair...Can you imagine such Rinon? Well, how about this year's graduation ceremony?!

These three girls will be the driving force of Sakura Gakuin. It's sad to think of Sakura Gakuin without me, but I'm looking forward to seeing Sakura Gakuin as 2015 Nendo-like. I know there will be a time when members' hearts don't be in good unity. But I hope you shall never give up.

Fukei-sans, please keep supporting Sakura Gakuin next year with Yui.