Architects Sam Carter on Kerrang: "BABYMETAL are awesome!" 

This week on Kerrang Magazine was released the section "The songs that saved my life". The Architects member Sam Carter mentioned several bands but in particular was highlighted BABYMETAL, below the details and scans courtesy of The Thrawn.


Sam Carter and Jason Aalon Butler from Ietlive are BABYMETAL fans! 

Kerrang Magazine published on the section "The songs that save my life" a special with Sam Carter from Architects. Sam mentioned several songs and artists, BABYMETAL was highlighted as "BABYMETAL are awesome!". This is an excerpt from the Kerrang Magazine and below the scans. 

From Kerrang Magazine:

"We often find ourselves wondering, what does it take to make a rockstar cry? No that we'd want to upset anyone, of course, but Sam Carter kindly fills us in...

The song you wouldn't expect to find on my iPod is... Gimme Chocolate!!, BABYMETAL

I know a lot of people are dismissive, but i think BABYMETAL are awesome! Me and Jason (Aalon Butler) from Ietlive, listen them a lot. In fact, it's his fault that i like them so much. He introduced me to them, so i'll blame him for ruining my credibility. It's strange because in Japan they're seen as a pop band but the guys in the masks are insane musicians"