2015.03.18 - Sakura Gakuin video interview on HOTWAVE

Sakura Gakuin interviewed before the Graduation Event as always happens on HOTWAVE. Fun interview with great additions by Rinon and Yunano about their sub-units on Sakura Gakuin "Wrestling Club" and "Purchasing Club". Also an emotive message by Moa Kikuchi at the end of the interview. Watch the full interview with english subtitles below. 

Sakura Gakuin video interview on HOTWAVE with english subtitles

The girls talked about theif positions on Sakura Gakuin. Notsu mentioned how good was the idea of the "Purchasing Club" which also has a song on the new album "Kimi Ni Todoke"! (Please give a listen the song is awesome!).  According to Yunano Purchasing Club helped to increase goods sales. 

Moa and Sara mentioned the "Kizuna's" lead Single "Ganbare" too. Rinon mentioned her work with Hana Taguchi on the Wresting Club (which also has a great song on the new album!) and how she is studying to understand and support the Wresting Club because she didn't have much knowledge about Wrestling as Hana. 

In addition the girls promoted their latest releases "Heart No Hoshi" DVD Single and "Aogeba Toutoshi" DVD Single, and how they learned the meaning of "Aogeba Toutoshi" thanks to the "Archaeology Of The Song" Class. 

The girls talked about the new album "Kimi Ni Todoke", first Moa forgot about the name of the album in the introduction, but then they do a summary of the album. 

To close the interview lovely messages from the girls looking the graduation event. 

Video subtitled and translated by Thomas Malone