Nippop Italy: "Heavy Metal in bonsai version: BABYMETAL" 

Nippop is one of the sponsors of the BABYMETAL show in Bologna, Italy at Estragon Bar next June 5. They did an interesting review about the concept of the band since their beginnings in Sakura Gakuin to the present. Post originally in Italian but translated by Newswire with the idea of sharing what Italy thinks about BABYMETAL, read the review below. 

Nippop from Italy analyze BABYMETAL in depth 

Powerful notes of heavy metal released by slender girls definitely far from age, sweet almond eyes, studs and fists in front of hunderds of cheering fans, ready to cheer in front of a suggestive choreography, dance moves and aggressive poses of this all-female trio that is making itself heard even outside of the Japanese island. Is the history and success of Suzuka Nakamoto, better known as Su-metal and leader of the group, Yui Mizuno, as Yuimetal and Moa Kikuchi as Moametal, the history of success of BABYMETAL! Artistically designed in 2010, the band began as ambitious blend of musical genres commonly considered among their distant, making the result of a careful study, a sci-fi action of genetic engineering aimed to merf of two opposing elements to get the best of both. And here is are the first steps of the perfect hybrid between the j-pop music (in particular idol music) and "heavy metal". This chimera, with the name of "BABYMETAL", is the mouthpiece of a new musical genre, the "kawaii metal", created specifically to define the particular style of the three idol, who made up their noses to loyal suppoters of the traditional metal. 

The audience have fun and get excited for their grit, childish and innocent face and gothic clothes (dyed red-scarlet and black-tar). The trio, at the beginning of the project, declared himself completely foreing to the scratching vibrations of that kind of music, and awed by the fact that there revolved around. Their success is therefore found in the application and determination of a group that, in the moment of his artistic consecration, had an average of just over 12 years old! A true case of "enfants prodiges". Despite the clear tones of metal mold, the lyrics often do not meet the standards of the genre, and indeed, are various and sometimes very deep, treating even serious social problems, such as bullying in schools of the heavy yoke of conventions that oppress the modern women, to flow on issues much more carefree, like the ridiculous love for chocolate, the "headbanging" (violent movement of the head with the rhthm of the music, often associated to the metal culture), or the moral support facing the adolescent in search of trust, common to many other j-pop bands. The band has only one studio album, released in 2014 and worthily recognized also in the United States and Europe, countries where BABYMETAL were already famous thanks to the details of their individual music videos uploaded to the web platform Youtube, and videos of their lives. It's live performance the stregth of the baby band, which presents onstage shocking performances (of the dark metal of course). Wild dancing, scenery and elaborated dresses spectral blend to the music, played by a support group disguised as skeletons or Yurei (ghosts). Output from Japanese borders in 2014, the band flew to an extraordinary tour that touched London, Cologne, Paris and Knebworth, then warm up their fans in Los Angeles and Montreal, with the hands to the sky in their famous gesture of Fox (Kitsune), sacred animal of the Japanese folklore, able to change appearnce att will, divine entity protect of the band and spiritual guide of the three idols. 

Tradition and innovate pop from the Rising Sun, this is BABYMETAL, ready to impress Italy with their first show in the beautiful country scheduled for June 5, 2015 in Bologna! 

Article by: Domenico D'adamo.

Translation by; Maik Gianino.