Suzuka Nakamoto featured on LoGiRL's report: Actors School Hiroshima the training place of most important Idols

LoGiRL released a fantastic report from the core of Actors School Hiroshima where Suzuka Nakamoto, Himeka Nakamoto, Perfume, Sakura Gakuin's graduate Mariri Sugimoto and many more came out to shine as artists in Japan, some of them like Suzuka as Su-Metal or Pop trio Perfume are worldwide famous. Read LoGiRL's report translated about Actors School Hiroshima below. 


LoGiRL's report on Suzuka Nakamoto's Actors School Hiroshima

Actors School Hiroshima is a school that produces many Idol stars. We are going to reveal the secrets behind the success of this training ground. 


The Idols presence is becoming a culture, people is paying attention to a certain school called Actors School Hiroshima. It was founded in 1999 as an entertainment training school. It's located inside the building of the Shin Hiroshima TV channel.


The three people unit Perfume was part of the first generation of students who were originally formed as "Pafuyumu" during their school days in ASH. Perfume was at first a local Idol group who moved later to the city, before being famous partcipating in events at Akihibara and Kameido until their major debut in 2005. Now their name appears in ASH's main billboard as one of the most respected world class seriors of the school.


Perfume is not only an outstanding talent from the Actors School Hiroshima, there is also Su-Metal who is active with BABYMETAL which is gaining popularity worldwide, Nogizaka46's Himeka Nakamoto, active model Mariri Sugimoto with Pichilemon Magazine, and Morning Musume's Riho Sayashi. There are others like Manami Lisa, Ayaka Nishiwaki, Tani Yuri from AKB48, Anna Murashige from HKT48, Ishino Riko of Idol Reinassanse, Miu Ueki of Dancing Dolls, Natsumi Hanaoka who won the National Beauty Contest Award in 2014, Ruru Danbara, and many more are also graduates from ASH. One can say that ASH has become an essential part of the trend of modern Idols. 


Why ASH is able to produce so many good talents? It's because their focus is getting local talents? Or because their excellent training methods? Let's look at their secrets in their famous lives. 


On March 22 at the Phoenix Hall in the Hiroshima International Conference Center was held Actors School Hiroshima 2015 Spring Act.


Actor School Hiroshima is around 15 minutes from Hiroshima Station. This is where many children go through their dreams. Around 100 boys and girls enthusiastic voices are heard in the elevator near the studio at Shin Hiroshima TV channel. 


The classes are: Kids Class (from 4 to 6 years old), F Class (Freshman Students), Boys Class (4th Grade Elementary male students), A Class (from 1st to 5th Grade Elementary), B Class (6th Grade Elementary to 1st Grade Junior High), C Class (1st Grade Junior High to 1st Grade High School), D Class (3rd Grade Junior High to 3rd Grade High School). 


The rehearsals for Actors School Hiroshima 2015 Spring Act are taken seriously, and great importance following the guidance of the Stage Director Katsushiro Sunaga. The recital is not only to improve students' abilities but also seeks for a great live performance. 


They took many rehearsals before the live appearance, but the day before they take two rehearsals. Each one seeks to fine adjustments for the performance and improve their live. The recital is held twice each year including the tradition of Actors School Hiroshima's theme. It features the announcement of each class and students who passed the internal auditions to perform solo or in specific groups. This makes that each student takes classes and performances with such seriousness. Everyone knows the fact that one needs to make something important to become a star. Something that shows real ambition. Maybe that's the reason why ASH is part of the current Idols trend. 


While the rehearsals take place, the students baggages are in the lobby. The students spent their time in their own way, some check their choreography, some prepare their costume with their parents, some just relax chatting with others. But the whole place is wrapped with nervousness. The students show a mix of professionalism and childrens face after the second rehearsal. Tomorrow is the live. 


The show is on March 22, 2015. The Actors School Hiroshima Spring Act is held at the Phoenix Hall at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, capacity around 1500 people. It's a big event held every 6 months. The rehearsals of the event were done 7 times before the show during the last 2 weeks. The students gathered at 09:30 for the general rehearsal. They all require a 

complete act of professionalism on stage without any excuse, even Kids Class. They must show the results of the training. 


Some changes where done before the live. Tension is building after 2 songs and graduates speeches. Students from each class are standing in the backstage waiting for their turn to appear on stage. Everyone is hiding their nervousness even kids class who seem to be enjoying playfully.


The recital creates an unique atmosphere mixed with high energy and Idol fans enjoying with passion along with students' families who are supporting their childrens dreams. Tripod cameras are pointing to the stage. 17:30, show time, time to show their half-year improvements.  


he curtain for ASH's 43rd recital is finally up, the event will last for the next 3 hours. Along with Classes performances will feature solo performances and group performances with the purpose of students pass the internal's school audition. The freshness of F Class with the dignity of D Class mixed out with group of boys and girls in perfect harmony and beauty, giving an unique sense of unity. The solo performers embrace the audience with a playlist of songs from Japanese pouplar songs to Western oldies. The recital showed off a few Idol songs, however one can see the performances of school's unit SPLASH and MAX GIRLS. ASH is an school to build professionals. The students are able to perform in public something special, that only who are chosen can play on stage. Once they learned the facts they are definitely 

ready to faces rivals everywhere. It's something that you can see at the first glance on ASH graduates, that's their secret power. 


After the event, teachers lead the audience to the lobby for a photo session and delivery gifts to students. Such activity became a tradition in Actors School Hiroshima, somehow in this particular day all the students who came into this lobby were crying. It was because one of the students was leaving the school. Such farewell will make them stronger. 




Article by: LoGiRL

Translation by: Akira Karo. 

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