2015.03.22 - New diary by Yui: "Archaeology Of The Song"

Yui Mizuno posted a new diary about her last "Archaeology Of The Song" Open Class before graduation. Yui talks about how was the selection process of the song, and how were her feelings about singing Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors". Read the diary translated by Onji Kobe, photos about the lyrics edited by Yui and listen Yui singing "True Colors"!

Yui Mizuno about her song on Archaeology Of The Song: "True Colors"

Hello. It's Yui. :D

How was the Open Class 'Archaeology of the Songs??

Since our first open-class event 'Open Campus'....how many times did I take open-classes?

This was the very last Open Class for us seniors.

I had 'Archaeology of the Songs' class three times. At the first time, Yui sang 'Smile Again', and at the 2nd time, 'See You Again'.

And this time...it was really hard to decide.

There were some candidates...behind the curtain, I wanna tell one of them especially for you. It's a song Yui knew from my mom, 'Remember' of Kazama Sisters. 【'Remember'.】

Kazama Sisters are...I hear they are fictitious sisters in a TV drama 'Sukeban Deka', consist of Asaka Yui-San, Oonishi Yuka-San and Nakamura Yuma-San. They sang a theme song for the drama.

Please pay attention to their names.

●Asaka Yui-San → The given-name sounds the same with Yui!

●Nakamura Yuma-San → Yuma (由真) has a same character with Yui (由結)!

●Oonishi Yuka-San → Yuka(結花) has a same character with Yui (由結)!

I felt an affinity because of their names, and also the lyric of the song is wonderful.

There were some other songs which I wanted to sing, But Yui decided the last song for my last 'Archaeology of the Songs' -- 'True Colors' of Cyndi Lauper-San


When I told my famyly about my decision, I was told 'Isn't it too difficult to sing a cappella?' or 'I think you should rethink'. lol

But, I think it's worthwhile to try the song because it is very difficult!

If you have not heard the song, please be sure to listen to 'True Colors'!

My mom had been to the Open Class and said 'I couldn't see your writing on a large paper well'. So, I show you the photo of my writing of the lyric of 'True Colors'.

I know my pronunciation was clumsy, but I sang from my heart. I'm happy if you could get my heart. I want to sing the song again, when I become more fluent in English.

This time, I dared not to talk about my love to Sakura Gakuin, in order to focus on 'Mizuno Yui in the future' When I stated my thought at the end, I dared to be Tomato-Kun because...if Yui herself had told something, she surely would have cryed.

The song was released before Yui was born. I rarely has a chance to listen to such old songs. Because of the 'Archaeology of the Songs', Yui could know many wonderful songs. Yui will not take the Open Class again, but I hope I would be able to listen to a variety of songs and would be able to feel several things.

I could learn several things which I had not known in each Open Class. I really enjoyed them from my heart. I hope I can keep learning a lot, feeling a lot, and improving a lot LOL 

Listen Yui singing "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper and read the lyrics wrote by Yui below.