2015.03.19 - Rinon Isono diary about Moa Kikuchi and Yui Mizuno

Rinon Isono wrote a new diary to talk about the Third Graders, Moa Kikuchi and Yui Mizuno. Rino share her thoughts about Moa talking about Moa's dedication, kindness and cheerfulness. Meanwhile about Yui, Rinon says that they are really good friends and she is happy about it. Read the full diary translated by our collaborator, Onji Kobe

Rinon Isono diary titled: "Moa and Yui" 

I am Rinon-desu.

We are now doing our best in practicing performing for the concerts.

Today, I want to write about Moa and Yui.


-The president of stundent council Moa

When I consult Moa about something, Moa gives careful thought as if it was her own problem. Rinon once was worrying about my ability in performance. And when I consulted Moa about it, Moa gave me a super-long e-mail and I was very pleased.

But to be honest, I love not only such serious Moa, but also funny Moa who plays 'Spinach-kun' or 'Hakuma i'.


-The Produce Chairperson Yui

I think Yui is the person who knows about Rinon the best.

We have been good friends since we were nursery schoolers. Rinon has been adoring Yui who can dance so well. We often played 'Tag in the Darkness' endlessly -- in a studio, turn off all lights and play tag...that was the good old days. 

We share so many memories. Once Yui said Rinon to be a true-friend of her, and it made me truely happy. Thank you Yui.

Moa and Yui have been reconciling BABYMETAL and Sakura Gakuin activities. I know it must have been really tough. But I have never seen them whining about it.

Rinon sometimes is seen as of mixed parentage, and is often talked to by foreigners. 

I can't speak English and I feel it difficult to send something with gestures. But I've learned a thing from Moa and Yui -- We can send a lot beyond borders with music.