Special Graduation collaboration, "Sakura Gakuin x New Era"

Sakura Gakuin announced today through Overture Magazine their collaboration for "The Road To Graduation Final 2014" with New Era, more details about the items below.

Cap + Bag collaboration "Sakura Gakuin x New Era" 

Sakura Gakuin released on Hobbidas Market the collaboration items with New Era. SG released a special cap designed by the Sakura Gakuin girls and a special bag. The items were created for the Graduation Event to take place at NHK Hall next March 29. 

The design adopted a navy style featuring black and green colors with the Sakura Gakuin logo on the right side, the name of all members of Nendo 2014 with the name of the Nendo 2014 in the back as well. 

Also the collaboration comes with a special bag with the Sakura Gakuin logo in pink. 

Sakura Gakuin x New Era 2014 Graduation Collaboration it's available on Hobbidas Market for 8000 Yen excluding tax.

The reservations period goes from March 19 to April 18 of 2015

The shipping schedule: Mid August of 2015

The item can be found here: CLICK HERE