Details of Leda's Far East Dizain "Dizainize EP" 

The BABYMETAL's "God Of Guitar" Leda announced with his band Far East Dizain the official release of their first EP Single "Dizainize" and a commentary DVD on physical stores in Japan, more details below. 

Far East Dizain to release "Dizainize EP" on April 8

Announced just hours ago the details of the first 2 Track EP Single of Far East Dizain, the new band lead by the BABYMETAL's Kami Band member Leda (now FED Leda). 

Far East Dizain will release the new 2 Track EP Single on April 8. The Single is already available on online stores in Japan. 



02-Last Scene

According to Leda, this new EP is fresh and he is happy with the new sound. 

In addition Far East Dizain will release for physical stores a special commentary DVD. Far East Dizain's EP with commentary DVD will be available at: Tower Records, Like An Edison, Zeal Link, Little Hearts and Brand X. The release also comes with a special photo set.  

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Below the official jacket of the Far East Dizain EP Single "Dizainize".