Watch Sakura Gakuin program on #LoGiRL, March 16

A new program of Sakura Gakuin on the online Show #LoGiRL. This time featuring the full debut of Shirai Saki, along with Rinon Isono, Yunano Notsu and Ooga Saki. Also with the Mori-Sensei's return. 


Sakura Gakuin online program on #LoGiRL with Rinon, Shirai, Ooga and Yunano

Today's Sakura Gakuin online program on #LoGiRL featured once again Rinon Isono, the third grader Yunano Notsu, Ooga Saki and the very anticipated debut of Shirai Saki, besides Shirai debuted the past week, she wasn't expected to be part of the program (watch here). This time Shirai Saki did her full debut and she did it great! 

Also, Mori-Sensei is back after after being replaced by "Moari-Sensei" (Moa's cosplay limited edition of Mori-Sensei). Ooga did a great presentation stumbling in her first seconds in the program, a very funny moment of the show. 

No more spoilers! Watch the full program below!