BABYMETAL interview about the World Tour 2014 on Wowow

BABYMETAL was interviewed by Wowow during the special broadcast of the "Legend 2015, New Year Kitsune Festival" past March 15. The girls shared their thoughts about the BABYMETAL World Tour 2014. Watch the full interview below with english subtitles.


BABYMETAL about their Shows in North America and Europe in 2014 

The girls were interviewed by Wowow as part of the special broadcast of the "BABYMETAL, Legend 2015 New Year Kitsune Festival" on January 10 at Saitama Super Arena.


The girls talked about their World Tour on 2014, the Yuimetal Seitansai in La Cigale, France:

Yuimetal "During the encore section the fans sang Happy Birthday and they brought out banners that read Happy Birthday Yuimetal". 


Also Moametal mentioned her Seitansai in Germany: "I was really amazed at the extent to which they accepted us. You know in Germany there is a larg number of passionate people, passionate about Heavy Metal, core metal fans"


And Sumetal talked about the differences between audiences: "It is my impression that in Europe there are a lot of people who really get in to sound of metal bands. Controversely, in America there are a lot of people who are into songs like "Iine", you know, the cute, pop songs."



Watch the full interview below! 

Translation and subtitles by: Thomas Malone