2015.03.16 - New diary by Moa: "Hoodie" 

Moa Kikuchi wrote a new diary, seems like she forgot one more thing about her last diary about Hobbies (read it here). 

This new diary is about her hoodies, and the huge collection she has. 

Diary translation courtesy of our collaborator Onji Kobe. 


Moa Kikuchi sharing her love for Hoddies 

Good mornooning! It's Moa.

In my last diary, I asked about your hobby and so many Fukei-Sans have commented that their hobbies are 'Sakura Gakuin'.

I am very pleased!!! Thank you very much. Moa loves Sakura Gakuin like you too!!!!

There were few persons who have strange hobbies. Please cherish your individuality! Please trust your sense and keep loving us.

BTW, Moa happened to remember a thing. I've been collecting -- rather, gathering almost unconsciously -- 'it' since I was a child. It is....Kewpie-Chan. I've had no intention to collect it, but whenever I saw it, I felt it's too cute and some of them became my children. The other day, I went to Okinawa as my graduation-trip and bought one again.

And one more thing I like is hoodies. And I love to wear a hood of a hoodie. Not only a hoodie, but any clothes with a hood somehow charm me.

Can I say this another hobby?

Look at a lot of Moa with hood!! :D


Moa loves loose fit and a sweat wear is good in itself. It has a soft feel and if it is with hood...I can't resist its charm.

Maybe...it is a trait of me??