Sakura Gakuin "Archaeology Of The Song" Open Classes report + photos

Sakura Gakuin held their last open classes event on Nendo 2014 before the graduation event on March 29. Below a summary of the event with details about the songs focused on Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi with great influence of BABYMETAL on their selections.

Last open classes for Hana, Moa, Yui and Yunano 

Sakura Gakuin held the last Open Classes event for Nendo 2014 at TFT Hall 500 in Tokyo with sold out tickets once again. 

The "Archaeology Of The Song" was the last open class for the next members to graduate from Sakura Gakuin Hana Taguchi, Moa Kikuchi, Yui Mizuno and Yunano Notsu. This open class concist on singing a cappela a selected song for each member and talk about the reasons why the song was selected. The class was in charge of Sakura Gakuin principal Mitsuru Kuramoto

The first class started at 14:00 with the students; Yui, Hana, Rinon, Ooga and Megumi.

Hana performed "Iihitabidachi" from Yamaguchi Momoe

Rinon performed "Tough Boy" from Tom Cat

Ooga Saki performed "Foverer You" from Zard

Megumi perfomed "Sora To Kumo No Aidani" from Nakajima Miyui

While Yui Mizuno performed "True Colors" from Cyndi Lauper

Yui mentioned that she selected the song because she realized that "music can unite the world beyond the borders" while she was flying around the world with BABYMETAL. She saw that and started to study English to allow her talk with overseas fans and as Ariana Grande fan she found Cyndi Lauper and decided to performe "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper.  

Listen the live audio of Yui Mizuno singing "True Colors" at the Open Class courtesy of Ro El. 

The second class started at 17:30 with the students: Moa, Yunano, Shirai, Sara and Aiko. 

Yunano performed "Sotsugyou" from Kikuchi Momoko

Shirai Saki performed "There Will Be Love There" from The Brilliant Green

Sara performed "Genki Wo Dashite" from Yakushimaru Hiroko

Aiko performed "Forever Love" from X Japan

Meanwhile the Student Council President Moa Kikuchi performed "Miraie" from Kikoro. She mentioned that she found Kikoro when traveled to Okinawa for the Sakura Gakuin Graduation Photobook 2014 photo sessions this year. Moa also mentioned that "music is universeal" since she felt that overseas with BABYMETAL. In addition mentioned (as she always does), she wish realy hard to become in "Super Moa-Chan" someday to spread love to people, Sakura Gakuin members, and Fukei-San as well. 


Listen the live audio of Moa Kikuchi singing "Miraie" at the Open Class courtesy of Ro El. 

Princpal Kuramoto said that Kikuchi's song was very appropriate for the end of the class.

Meanwhile Mori-Sensei was very impressed with the class. 

The last Sakura Gakuin performance for Nendo 2014 "The Road To Graduation 2014 Final" will take place just in a few days, in March 29 at the NHK Hall. 

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