2015.03.12 - Yui's diary about "Sakura Girls seen by Yui"

Yui Mizuno wrote a new diary for Sakura Gakuin. This time she did "Sakura Girls seen from Yui" about Aiko Yamaide, Megumi Okada and Sara Kurashima. A very entertaining post focused on three of the new Sakura Gakuin members. 

Translation courtesy as always by Onji Kobe

Yui talks about Aiko, Megumi and Sara

Hello. It's Yui 

Recently, Yui read Sakura Gakuin diaries over again!!

And I recalled I had written "Sakura Girls seen by Yui" diaries. But in those diaries, there were no current girls but Moa.

So, this time, I want to introduce current girls as Yui see them.

Today, I introduce Aiko, Sara and Megu.

Megu is...

A person who challenge anything by herself without a fear. Yui is a kind of a person who think too much before challenging something...so, I admire such kouhai Megu!! But, sometimes, it happens Megu being timid. Just before a show, I saw Megu getting cold feet "Oh no...I can't do this". The other day, Megu gave me a letter and in it, I found Megu wrote "Yui-oneechan" and it made me really happy.

【お姉ちゃんoneechan -- literal meaning is 'Big Sis'. A girl (or a boy) call a elder girl as oneechan with intimacy, admire and yearning】

And Aiko.

Aiko has a confidence to express her own opinion. Such Aiko helped me mamy times. Aiko's performance is so good that I can't believe she is still an elementary schooler. Yui is really looking forward to seeing her performance as a senior of Sakura Gakuin. She usually pushes ahead confidently, but sometimes she consult me about her worries. And sometimes she wants to hold my hand... Aiko is a very cute baby.


Finally, Sara.

Sara has a good imagination and come up with unique idea. She usually seems to be absent-minded, but in fact she has a strong will. Yui and Sara often have fun with playing tsundere each other -- showing hostility intentionally and soon make up. lol But sometimes we have a serious talk. Sara ask me the knack of peformance or the way to practice, and she is doing her best in singing, dancing, MCing and everything.

Today, I introduced these three girls!!

How was that? It's my pleasure if you can find new charm and beauty of them

Next time, whom shall I introduce?