2015.03.11 - Moa's new diary: "Flower Girl MoaMoa"

New diary by Moa, another "Flower Girl MoaMoa" report, this time about Hibiscus because of her travel to Okinawa with Hana, Yui and Yunano for the photo shooting for their Graduation Photobook to be released in April. Read her new diary translated by Onji Kobe

Moa diary about the Okinawa's flower Hibiscus

There was an announcement four of us seniors had been to Okinawa for the shooting for the Graduation Photobook. 

I wrote "I had a happy moment" in my diary on February 13, and the trip to Okinawa was "the happy moment"?

So, today I'm going to introduce a flower of Okinawa - Hibiscus!!

Hibiscus -

-Hibiscus.....Malvaceae (mallow family) aka 'Bussouge'

-Language of flowers.....Delicate Beauty. Trust. 'I believe you'. (When you think of Hibiscus, most people visualize red one I guess. And the language of red Hibiscus are...'Always renewed beauty' and 'Bravery'!!!)

-Birth flower on July 11 and August 12. It's a flower of summertime.

I feel Hibiscus to be a flower of 'everlasting summer'. I didn't know there is a custome to offer Hibiscus on the alter. To offer such brilliant flowers on a tomb...it's surprising!!

And, you can have it as Hibiscus-tea?

One of the Three-Beauties in history, Cleopatra is known to be a Hibiscus-tea lover!!

The Hibiscus-tea has splendid benefits!

-Help recovery from fatigue

-Reduce inflammation on the throat

-Reduce swelling

Helping recovery and reducing inflammation and swelling.....it's exactly good for Sakura Gakuin members??

Or more precisely, it's perfect for Moa! (I'm not chubby, it's only swelling. lol)

Oh no! I forgot to buy it in Okinawa!

Well, this is the last episode of 'Flower Girl MoaMoa'!!

How many kind of flowers could I introduce to you until now?

I'm pleased if this article has encouraged you to love flowers, and the nature.