BABYMETAL interview on CD Shop: "We will continue to challenge things that can be only done by us"

BABYMETAL was interviewed on CD Shop free Magazine released the same day of the 7th CD Shop Grand Award (more details here) announcement. Sumetal, Yuimetal and Moametal were interviewed to talk about the award won by the BABYMETAL debut Album, metal music and their goals for the future. Translation thanks to Hitoshi Sugioka and scans courtesy of Rosamour

BABYMETAL Interviewed on CD Shop free Magazine about the award won

CD Shop: Are the youngest CD Show Grand Award winners in the history, tell us your impression about this.

Moametal: "I don't know what to say. There is nothing more than gratitude and happiness. I'm very happy DEATH! Thank you so much! Once again, i feel grateful to everyone who supported us, the members and the BABYMETAL Team are the best! Thank you so much!"

CD Shop: You become in the presence of full fledged metal fans that would growl. What do you think about the metal genre? 

Sumetal: "Honestly, we still don't understand what is metal. But doing activities as BABYMETAL we found a new side of ourselves, and we are very glad that the metal fans accepted us anyway."

CD Shop: Starting filmining for a Music Video, did you add ideas about the choreography or costumes for the production stage?

Yuimetal: "There are songs where we just dance playfull, then Mikiko-Sensei re-arrange it into a great choreography."

CD Shop: Known among the metalheads are obvious things, your live shows are very popular, wha did you have in mind during performance in the stage? 

Moametal: "I just think the usual. I think about the staff, Kami Band, BABYMETAL and all THE ONE are BABYMETAL! We are not afraid of anything else because everybody is here. We will deliver the usual BABYMETAL to all anytime, we will try our best to show our uniqueness."

CD Shop: Do you have any wishes or petition you would like to say to the CD Shop and Store Clerks?

Yuimetal: "We three would love to visit CD Shops again and see the sale section and the pop signs displays made by the clerk-sans DEATH!!"

CD Shop: Please tell us your next goal and ambitions or anything you would like to reach in the future. 

Sumetal: "Because our goal is building the "BABYMETAL genre", we will continue to challenge things that can be only done by us DEATH!!"