Sakura Gakuin reflections about the 6th #LoGiRL program

The Sakura Gakuin girls and Mori-Sensei shared their thoughts about the 6th #LoGiRL program. Aiko, Rinon, Yui and Moa were the girls who made the program along Shirai Saki who did her first online show. Read the impressions translated courtesy of 2zko

Sakura Gakuin impressions of the latest #LoGiRL online show

Shirai Saki - "I'm Shirai Saki. I made my first appearance at LoGiRL. Though it was before the launch date of "Aogeba Toutoshi", I got the DVDs of it from our office and brought them to the studio of LoGiRL to show you. I'd like you to listen to it, our new song. Dear our teachers in the teacher's room! Next time, I'd like to appear on LoGiRL for a longer time... Oh please!! Shirai Saki"

Aiko Yamaide - "It was my second time to appear on LoGiRL. I once again realized that anything would happen on a live streaming. Next LoGiRL, we have to make it without Mori-sensei?! It's a scary and a worry, but I'll stir up my "Iddamashii/生魂" (iddamashii is a Kagoshima dialect where Aiko lives and it means "fighting spirit")and face it with my full power!! Yamaide Aiko"

Rinon Isono - "C-chan, congratulation on your first appearance at LoGiRL! I was able to appear on it at my own pace without being nervous this time too. And it was heaps fun. It'll be interesting to see what happen on the Next LoGiRL. I'm already looking forward to it. Rinon"

Yui Mizuno - "How was today's LoGiRL?! I'm happy that Saki(S)-chan could appear on it♡ Next time, I'd like to show you some new aspects of Sakura Gakuin and me other than SHIROME. Thank you so much today too!! Yui"

Moa Kikuchi - "I appreciate that you watched us again today!! Folks, 'Keep up the good work' and 'Good Luck' (="Ganbare") for this week too, though we couldn't show you 'Ganbare' segment this week. I'll improve my skill of mimicking someone until next time. When I can appear next time, I will show it!! Folks, 'Let's polish the skill of impersonation together'(lol) I didn't want to say 'MOI MOI '! Moa"

Mori-Sensei - "Mori-sensei's evaluation-stamp this time reads "I was a little touched."

Have you enjoyed the 'Ms. Shirai's fist mission' event?

Sakura members have to run next LoGiRL without me... I wish their failure 'I wish some accident would occur to them'"