2015.03.03 - New Yui's diary "Invitation to the Live-Viewing, our long-cherished dream"

Yui Mizuno wrote a new diary to promote the last live performance for 2014 Nendo Sakura Gakuin on March 29 at NHK Hall. That performance will be her last performance as Sakura Gakuin member. She is inviting Fukei-Sans and casual Sakura Gakuin followers to see them live thanks to "Live-Viewing". Diary translated thanks to Onji Kobe

Yui's diary about the last 2014 Nendo Sakura Gakuin performance

Hello. It's Yui. 

I have a good news today. Our graduation concert on March 29 will be screened live!!

Those Fukei-Sans who have not come to see us until now because they must travel a far distance, now will be able to see a concert of Sakura Gakuin at the same time. That makes me really, heartily, very happy.

It's a wonder that Yui will be shown on THAT HUGE screen of a theater...I've already been excited.

Those Fukei-Sans who couldn't get a ticket of the concert, local Fukei-Sans, and those who have a little interest on Sakura Gakuin (but not still a fan of us) -- I hope to send our last show -- the culmination of 2014 Nendo Sakura Gakuin to more and more people

In order to make every one of Fukei-San --not only who will gather at NHK Hall, but also who will see us on the theater -- will have an unforgettable happy moment, we will do our very best. Please look forward to seeing us.

==========Venue list============

・Hokkaido : Dinos Cinemas Sapporo Gekijo

・Miyagi : Aeon Cinema Natori

・Tokyo : Shinjuku Wald9 / Shibuya HUMAX cinema / Shibuya HUMAX cinemas

・Kanagawa : Yokohama Burg13 / Kawasaki Cinecitta

・Chiba : Cineplex Makuhari

・Saitama : United Cinema Urawa

・Ibaraki : Cineplex Mito

・Niigata : United Cinema Niigata

・Nagano : Eyecity Cinema

・Shizuoka : Shizuoka Toho Kaikan

・Aichi : Aeon Cinema Nagoyachaya

・Osaka : Umeda Burg7 / Nambaparks Cinema

・Kyoto : T-Joy Kyoto

・Hyogo : OS Cinemas Mint Kobe

・Hiroshima : Aeon Cinema Hiroshima

・Kagawa : Aeon Cinema Takamatsuhigashi

・Fukuoka : T-Joy Hakata

・Kagoshima : Kagoshima Mitte10


I wish we'll be able to carry Sakura Gakuin's beauty to as many people as possible.