Watch Sakura Gakuin on #LoGiRL, March 2

New Sakura Gakuin online show on #LoGiRL this time with the presence of Moa Kikuchi, Rinon Isono, Aiko Yamaide and Yui Mizuno, also had as the special guest and debut of Shirai Saki along with the always awesome Mori-Sensei. 

New Sakura Gakuin program on #LoGiRL

New Sakura Gakuin program on #LoGiRL lead by Moa Kikuchi and Rinon Isono, with Yui Mizuno and Aiko Yamaide along with Mori-Sensei as always. As special guest, "C-Chan". Shirai Saki called and said she wanted to be on #LoGiRL but just got out of a lesson so Mori-Sensei told her if she could make it in time she could go on. 


Also the girls tried to talk a little bit in other languages like Finnish or Spanish, Mori-Sensei announced that next week the girls will be in charge of the program and Moa mentioned her troubles with a toy and her suitcase! 


Watch the full show below with more and funny moments courtesy of Poleosis.