Su-metal on Clubdam: “The path we are on is still continuing”

BABYMETAL was interviewed on Clubdam to talk about their performance at Saitama Super Arena, their impression of the World Tour 2014, and advice to sing Megitsune and the World Tour 2015. Su-metal, Yuimetal and Moametal interviewed in a short but really interesting interview with Clubdam, translations courtesy of our member Thomas Malone

Su-metal, Yuimetal and Moametal interviewed on Clubdam

Q: So your first Live performance of 2015 was held on January 10th at Saitama Super Arena, could you give us your post-show impressions? 

Su-metal: "At first we felt a bit of pressure as we thought we needed to show our fans how much we have grown through the experiences of performing overseas, but in fact because of the immense power we received from the fans in attendance it was really a lot of fun - Death! I was moved when the 20,000 fans sang the call back chorus with us near the end of the show and I felt, “The path we are on is still continuing”."   

Q: Do you have any episodes from your multitude of overseas performances that left a deep impression on you? 

Yuimetal: "Last year before the July 1st “Legend “Y” - Yuimetal's 15th Birthday Celebration” show in France the band members and Babymetal staff celebrated my birthday together with a Birthday cake and many fans showed up with “Happy Birthday” sign boards and flags. All of this made me very happy- Death!" 

Q: Could you give us some advice on singing one of the songs contained in the DVD,  “Megitsune”? 

Su-metal: "The part in the chorus which goes, “Ah aa~” is a key point- Death! If you don't sing it with your heart embedded in the song like we do with “Enka” while emphasizing the Metal rhythm it will be difficult to control your breath- Death!"

Q: Please tell us your schedule for upcoming shows and tours. 

Moametal: "Our World tour starts in May and in June we will have a Solo performance in Japan. We expend all possible energy into each performance and want to treat each show importantly- Death! Since we leave the schedule up to the divine whisperings of Kitsune-Sama, we learn of these dates at the same timing as the fans- Death! (laughs)" 

Q: Do you have a closing message for our readers? 

Su-metal:  "We will continue to take up the challenge of creating a genre known as “Babymetal” that only we are able to do. I feel the most appealing aspect of Babymetal are the live performances so if you have even a hint of interest in us please come to a live show."