Moa talk "ShiroTan" & "Mon Chan" and Yui talk "Ku chan" on LoGiRL's "Asking Blunt Questions"!

Funny segment taken from LoGiRL's 6th Episode broadcasted on March 2, 2015 where thanks to a question from Rinon to Moa, was told who is ShiroTan, Mon Chan and Ku Chan. Check the summary and full segment with English subtitles below! 


Segment from LoGiRL: Moa and Yui talk about their plushies "ShiroTan" & "Kun chan"

Mori Sensei: Today, you will be asking question that you don't usually get to ask... Things that you're curious about, I would like you to ask it. Okay then Isono!


Rinon Isono: "I have a question for Moa. Like when you go overseas for BABYMETAL, you often bring this weird white plushie with you..."


Moa Kikuchi: "ShiroTan? ShiroTan is, you know... ShiroTan. "


Yui Mizuno: "It's a seal." 


Moa Kikuchi: "It's about the size of Rinon's face."


Mori: Why do you necessarily bring it all the way overseas with you in the first place?


Moa: "It conforts me. There's also Mon Chan as well. Mon chan is the suitcase guardian. ShiroTan is in my backpack and Mon Chan is the suitcase guardian."


Mori: Mizuno, what do you think when you see Kikuchi bringing her plusies?


Yui: "I also brought one with me as well so, but I close it properly you know, properly. Moa's backpack is totally open and she brings it in there like that. I brought a jellyfish."


Moa: "A jellyfish, Ku Chan. Ku chan makes shuffling noises. When I went to New York, ShiroTan was rotated through the roller during customs and became all black!"





Watch the full episode (Without Subtitles), CLICK HERE.

Translation by: Suzanne Nguyen.

Subtitles by: BABYMETAL Fans Mexico


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