2015.02.27 - New Yui's diary about the "Happy Valentine" Setlist

New diary by Yui Mizuno, once again the Producer Chairperson of Sakura Gakuin is talking about why she decided to play the songs performed on February 15 for the "Happy Valentine" event at Liquidroom (Read more here).

Read her diary translated courtesy of Onji Kobe.

Yui Mizuno talks about the songs for "Happy Valentine" at Liquidroom

Hello. It's Yui.

Thank you for supporting us at the Valentine concert on February 15.

This time again, as a Producer Chairperson, I was responsible for the setlist of the concert.

First part:

1.Fly Away


3.Mezase! Superlady

4.Magic Melody



7.Aogeba Tootoshi

8.Jump Up "Chiisana Yuuki"

9.Heart no Hoshi


11.My Graduation Toss

12.Yumeni Mukatte

Second part: 

1.My Graduation Toss


3.Hello! Ivy

4.Hana x Hana



7.Aogeba Tootoshi


9.Fly Away

10.Mikansei Silhouette

11.Marshmallow irono Kimito

12.Heart no Hoshi

The concert was all-standing one at a club, so I put a lot of up-beat numbers on these setlists. An all-standing concert should be fun! But, at the same time, I hoped to send our hearts which could be send only in this time. So I decided to put graduation songs and some messageful numbers.

At the 1st Valentine concert on 2010nendo, we unveiled "Fly Away". So, I picked the song as an opening number of the first part☆ And as the 2012nendo Valentine concert was the unveiling concert of "My Graduation Toss", I picked it as an opening number of the second part.

I packed up love-songs and cute songs into the 4th,5th and the 6th numbers because it was the St. Valentine's day

We played 'Otomegokoro' with 10 members for the first time. How was that?

When the introduction of 'Sakuranbo' was played, the cheering "Wow!" from Fukei-sans reverberated, and it made me very happy. "I've done it! It was the right choice!!!"

And we unveiled the 'Aogeba Tootoshi'!! There are a lot of call-outs in this song, and I hope to complete the song together with Fukei-sans untill the graduation day.

Well, How was the concert?

Yui was really happy to have been able to have a wonderful time with you. I just hoped the time could have never ended.

Next time, let's meet at a release-event on March 8. We have only 3 shows remaining. Wow! What shall we do but enjoy them as far as possible! Everyone, I'm waiting for you.