Sakura Gakuin reflections about the 5th #LoGiRL program

The latest Sakura Gakuin program on #LoGiRL was on February 23 (Watch here), the girls and Mori-Sensei shared their thoughts about the show and how they felt. Translations of the Sakura Gakuin reflections courtesy of 2zko.


Sakura Gakuin after their 5th online show on #LoGiRL

Hana Taguchi - "It was the first time since the first streaming, and I could do something which I didn't yet at that first time. But still I screwed up being still nervous. Rinon-Senpai, I'll follow your example and do my best. I hope I can appear LoGiRL again.

3rd year of middle school, Hana Taguchi."

Rinon Isono - "I was nervous. I couldn't make announcements well, then I'm doing it here!! On 4th March, "Aogeba Toutoshi" will be released. On 8th March, we'll hold a release-event at LaLaport Toyosu, so I do hope you will come bringing your FRIENDS to the event. Isono Rinon the Genius."

Megumi Okada - "Today, I got hung up on that Aiko said to me "Megu is mean." :'( (lol) Next time, I'll talk more!! Well,, Megu thinks Aiko and Megu are really good friends. (lol)(lol) Aiko, you too, right? Okada Megumi"

Aiko Yamaide - "It was the first time for me to appear on LoGiRL, so I couldn't talk much because of becoming tense. However I tried my best!!(lol) It was over in the blink of an eye. I want to appear with Megu again. When I appear next time, I'll make good use of the reflections from this time and do my best!! Yamaide Aiko"

Mori-Sensei"As to the two of elementary schoolers, I wonder what they will grow up to be!!"

Taguchi Hana who became feeling down while she was on the web-streaming. As for me, that's what you make a favorable impression on me. But, today, Rinon-San judged you and urges you to improve..."