Perfume talks about the meeting with BABYMETAL on PTA TV

Perfume members were talking about her meeting with BABYMETAL in the backstage of the Music Station event past December 26 (details here) where a couple of great photos of Perfume and BABYMETAL were published on social networks. On PTA TV Perfume members talked about that meeting and the "trembling" reaction of Su-Metal when met them. Read the comments translated courtesy of our collaborator Hitoshi Sugioka.

The meeting of BABYMETAL and Perfume on Music Station backstage

A-Chan: We were in several year end shows in 2014! The kouhais (Juniors) were too cute, I was smiling the whole time.

Kashiyuka: Was it BABYMETAL-Chan.

Nocchi: Oh!

A-Chan: That was Music Station right?

Kashiyuka: We took pictures together (Kashiyuka does the Kitsune sign)

A-Chan: You were smiling.

Nocchi: I was, and after that they greet us right?

A-Chan K: Yes.

Nocchi: That time, the 4 of them with BABYMETAL’s manager, KOBAMETAL, is also the Perfume’s manager, the 8 of us took pictures, that picture is treasure.

Kashiyuka: It was so happy.

A-Chan: And I was surprised when BABYMETAL-Chan called him ‘Dad’ (Laughs)

Nocchi: Dad! (Laughs)

Kashiyuka & Nocchi: Dad! (Laughs)


A-Chan: Then when I asked “Eh? Who?” It was KOBAMETAL. I was shocked he was called “Dad” (Laughs) Isn’t he a bit too young? But I guess he was at the age right? Well, you know Su-Metal, It seems from that moment she met with me and shook my hands, she entered in Sakura Gakuin, and took several auditions, and then BABYMETAL born. She said to me, “That’s why.. umm.. once again… please let me shake your hands?” If she believes to the power of shaking hands that much, I will give her the many times she wants! (Laugh) And then when we shake hands, Su-Chan was extremely trembling.

Nocchi: Eh? The normally cool Su-Metal?

A-Chan: Yes, She was trembling like ‘Hmmm’. Compared to the performance, she was even more nervous I believe.

Nocchi: Moametal and Yuimetal standing beside her were like…

A-Chan & Kashiyuka: Sparklesparkle! (Laughs)

A-Chan: Oh! They were like (Hand shake pose) “Well ok..” (Laughs)

Nocchi & Kashiyuka: Like “Well then, we would like too” (Laughs)

All of them: (Laughing)

A-Chan: Such different enthusiasm! (Laughs) It would be awesome to see BABYMETAL-Chan again!

Nocchi: Agree, i love them!

A-Chan: I can't wait!