Report: Delicious facts about BABYMETAL "Gimme Chocolate" 

A day like today but in 2014, on February 25 BABYMETAL released on Youtube their viral video "Gimme Chocolate". As result, the band started to hit important music and metal sites all around the world and helped to the future success of their debut Album and get exposure to the band. Below some interesting and delicious facts about Gimme Chocolate

Facts about BABYMETAL's Gimme Chocolate

-Gimme Chocolate was played live for first time on Live Legend 1997, at Makuhari Messe on December 21 of 2013 for the Sumetal Seitansai. 

-The Music Video was recorded in the same performance, Live Legend 1997.

-Gimme Chocolate is the first Live Music Video recorded by the band. 

-The original name in Japanese for the spng is ギミチョコ!!

-The lyrics and music were written by: Mk-Metal and KbBxMETAL

-The music arrangements were done by Takeshi Ueda.

-The Music Video was directed by Machi.

-Gimme Chocolate was played at the moment 29 times live. (Fact will be updated)

-Gimme Chocolate was played 5 times with Babybones and 24 times with Kami Band so far (fact could be updated)

-The song was played for first time overseas in Singapore for "BABYMETAL Live In Singapore" at the Scape The Ground Theatre on December 28 of 2013.

-Gimme Chocolate was the opening song only once at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall for the Countdown To Japan 13/14 on December 30 of 2013. 

-The first time Gimme Chocolate was played live with Kami Band was at Nippon Budokan, on March 1 for the Akai Yoru Legend "Kyodai Corset Matsuri" (Red Night Show). 

-The Kami Band member who played more times live Gimme Chocolate was "BOH", 24 times. 


-Gimme Chocolate extended bridge better known as "Call and Response" debuted live at Tsutaya O-East on June 23 of 2014 for Apocrypha I, Show for BABYMETAL Apocalypse Web members only. 

-Gimme Chocolate "Call and Response" bridge was performed 25 times live, interactions in japanese and english are included (fact could be updated)

-Was played live as closing song 4 times, for Apocrypha I and Apocrypha II. Both shows at Tsutaya O-East on January 23 and January 24 of 2014 and for Aprocrypha shows Y & M on July 21 of 2015 (fact could be updated)


-At the moment, Gimme Chocolate has 23.058.246 views on Youtube with 153.704 likes and 12.116 dislikes. (will be updated!)



That's all for now but with the blessings of Kitsune-Sama we hope to update this post, yearly! 

See you next year, and Happy Anniversary GIMME CHOCOLATE



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