Sakura Gakuin Open Classes with Yamashita, report + photos

Sakura Gakuin graduation open class called as "brininging together the power of 10" took place at TFT Hall 500 in Tokyo and had as guest Ryohei Yamashita. Report and photos below. 

Live Paiting Open Classes for "Aogeba Toutoshi" DVD Single 

Sakura Gakuin held a new Open Classes, this time with Ryohei Yamashita as guest. The visual artists worked on several cover arts and cover illustrations like "Nike", "Tarzan", "Summer Sonic", or "Loud Park". 

He was part of the "Live Paiting" open classes with Sakura Gakuin at TFT Hall 500 in Tokyo, in two separated classes with five Sakura Gakuin members each. 

First class Started: 14:00 JPT

Students; Moa, Yunano, Saki (O), Saki (S) and Aiko.

Second class Started: 17:30 JPT

Students; Yui, Hana, Rinon, Sara and Megumi.

First Yamashita worked with the students on live painting doing the "Art telephone game" challange as warm up for the open classes. Then the students learned the "Art Idea", learning how to get inspiration from the sound. 

Also, Yamashita answered questions from the students to help them understand illustration. 

Finally Yamashita started the illustration of the blackboard in the background while the studentes colored the illustrations for the Single DVD Art "Aogeba Toutoshi" to be released next March 4

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