Report: Su-metal's Japanese is beautiful

Our reporter from Japan, Ken Tabise wrote a new report about the Su-metal's Japanese. She speakes like an ordinary 17-year old girl, but at the same time, her spoken Japanese sounds beatiful. Read the below the report to find out why. 

The way she speaks Japanese is beautiful

As some of you dachis who have knowledge in Japanese may notice that Su-metal's spoken Japanese is beautiful.

Well, when she talks with Yui, Moa, or SG girls for example, she speaks just like an ordinary 17-year old high school girl 

However, when she or BABYMETAL is in a sort of "formal" situation like interview, we can hear her beautiful one.

I love her spoken Japanese. 

Her spoken Japanese sounds beautiful for a couple of reasons, I think:

1) Choice of words/ phrases

She can choose right words, phrases, and expressions depending on situation. 


2) Appropriate use of honorifics

One of the most difficult part of Japanese language is its honorifics, which is very much complicated and even annoying every now and then. I am not good at them to be honest (lol).

On top of plain form  regular/ ordinary expression), there are:

- respectful/ honorific form (expression of respect to take the counterpart up)

- modest/ humble form (take speaker himself down, which means the counterpart is taken up relatively)

- polite form


Right form and expression should be chosen depending on situation, and that is one of the toughest part of the language in my opinion.


These can be learned by school education, but I guess Su most probably acquired them by family education, i.e. her parents taught her those expressions and forms at home in day-to-day communication.


I have been using Japanese as a native speaker for a long time, but I seriously think that I can still learn something from the spoken Japanese of this 17-year old girl, the singer of BABYMETAL.