Report: BABYMETAL Mexican Revolution

The Mexican Media is promoting in a big way BABYMETAL, they are introducing the band to mexican people, even mentioning about Sakura Gakuin. From music sites to showbiz sites are talking about BABYMETAL, here is a interesting report we did to show you the "BABYMETAL Mexican Revolution". 

Mexican media reaction for the first BABYMETAL show in Mexico 

Since BABYMETAL started to play overseas back in 2012 at the Anime Festival Asia in Singapore on November 10 (details here), the band perfomed in Asia, Europe and North America. 

Their performance in Mexico will be the first in Latin America. Mexico fan base is one of the biggest communities in Latin America followed by Brazil, Peru and Argentina. 

BABYMETAL will play at Circo Volador in Mexico City next May 9 (get your tickets here!). The confirmation of the rumor got almost viralized in the mexican media. From entertainment sites to music sites, but also Anime sites are doing a coverage of the first BABYMETAL show for the Latin American community. 

Very important sites from Mexico featured the event, sites like:

-"Atomix VG" site dedicated to video games, anime and music with more than 90.000 followers on Facebook and more than 46.000 follores on Twitter.

-"Polvora Rock" dedicated to rock music with more than 21.000 followers on Facebook and more than 11.000 on Twitter are only just a few of the most important sites promoting the show. 

-"Retorno Anime", site dedicated to Anime and Japanese culture with more than 108.000 followers on Facebook and more than 6.000 on Twitter.

Also, Latin American sites from Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala and Peru are talking about the first BABYMETAL Show in Mexico

The popular news site from Peru "La Prensa" did an interesting post about the BABYMETAL World Tour, READ HERE.

In addition the popular Rock radio show from Guatemala "El Circo del Rock" did a "Rock Thursday" featuring BABYMETAL sharing information about the band, their best songs, Kami Band and the confirmation of the first show in Latin America. 

Below, the most important sites from Mexico featuring the BABYMETAL World Tour and also the announcement of the Circo Volador show. Links to the news are in red

Atomix VG: "BABYMETAL viene a México!"

Polvora Rock: "BABYMETAL visitarán México en su World Tour"

Retorno Anime: "Confirmado concierto de Babymetal en México!"

David Romero Vara"La banda japonesa Babymetal actuará por primera vez en México"

Entretenimiento Starmedia: "Concierto de la banda Babymetal en México"

Tono TV: "BABY METAL tocará en el Circo Volador"

El Vortex: "Babymetal se presentará en México"

San Luis Contacto: "La banda japonesa Babymetal viene a México"

Impacto México: "La banda japonesa Babymetal actuará por primera vez en México"

Plano Informativo: "Babymetal llegará por primera vez a México"

Radio Formula: "La banda japonesa Babymetal actuará por primera vez en México"

Mordor Radio: "BABYMETAL 9 Mayo de 2015"

Azteca Sonora: "Babymetal llega a México"

Noticias Mexico TV"La banda japonesa Babymetal actuará por primera vez en México"

Rockeros Net: "Babymetal en el Circo Volador de Ciudad de México"

Chilango: "Babymetal en México"

Zaas TV: "Concierto de la banda Babymetal en México"

Transportes K: "Babymetal en México"

By far, the Mexican media coverage of the BABYMETAL World Tour in Mexico City, is much better than the USA media coverage of the first BABYMETAL visit for BABYMETAL World Tour 2014 at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, actually USA media was focused on Lady Gaga ArtRave Tour and BABYMETAL as support band more than the World Tour. 

Mexican media isn't succulent in terms of information compared with Kerrang Magazine or Metal Hammer which are very known wolrdwide mainly in United States and United Kingdom, but the Mexican media is massive in terms of quantity of posts. European media and mainly United States media should take this as an example of how to promote a band like BABYMETAL

Report by: Maik Gianino.