2015.02.15 - Sakura Gakuin "Happy Valentine" Show report + photos

Sakura Gakuin performed at Liquidroom the two rounds show for "The Road To Graduation 'Happy Valentine'". Two sold out shows for one of the last shows of the four Third Graders, Hana Taguchi, Moa Kikuchi, Yui Mizuno and Yunano Notsu. Report and photos below. 

The Road To Graduation "Happy Valentine" at Liquidroom

The Road to the graduation for the four Third Graders started at Liquidroom in Tokyo for a two rounds show. The sold out shows premiered the new song to be released next March 4 as DVD Single "Aogeba Toutoshi". 

Sakura Gakuin performed classic songs like: "Fly Away", "Friends", "My Graduation Toss" or "Jump Up", along with the new songs "Heart No Hoshi" and "Aogeba Toutoshi" leader Singles of the new Sakura Gakuin album to be released in March. 

In addition during the event, was announced a "Live Viewing" of the "The Road Of Graduation - 2014 Final" because all tickets for the event to take place at NHK Hall are sold out. More details here: CLICK HERE

First Show Setlist: 

Fly Away


Mezase! Superlady

Magic Melody


Sakuranbo (Ootsuka Ai song)

Aogeba Toutoshi

Jump Up

Heart No Hoshi



My Graduation Toss

Yume Ni Mukatte

Second Show Setlist: 

My Graduation Toss


3.Hello Ivy

Hana Hana


Sakuranbo (song of Ootsuka Ai)

Aogeba Tootoshi


Fly Away

Mikansei Silhouette


Marshmallow Irono Kimi To

Heart No Hoshi

Photos of The Road To Graduation Happy Valentine courtesy of Natalie.mu .