2015.02.13 - Moa's diary: "Drive yourself forward without fear"

Moa wrote a new diary about her hair style, as you will see below she changed her hair style lately and wanted to share with Fukei-Sans her thoughts about it because they are already rehearsing for the last shows before the Sakura Gakuin graduation. Read her diary translated courtesy of Onji Kobe

New diary of Moa Kikuchi about her hair style

Ufufu...It's Moa...ufufu....ufufufufu 【onomatopoeia for giggling. hehehe?】

I had a happy moment...but I suspect I can announce it now. So, for now, I just tell you it was so fun. lol

Let me see.....How many more times can I write this diary?!

I have a lot to tell you. But I think I can't write everything till my graduation. The more I write, the more I want to tell you, I want to send you, I want to let you know.

I don't know how many more times I can write this diary, but I want to send as far as I can. Please bear with me

Please look this photo.

How do you think about her??

When a hairstylist set my hair in this style, I thought "Wow! Now I look like Airi-chan" 【Suzuki Airi of C-ute】

I'm sorry for it, to fans of Airi-chan.

But...in this hairstyle, I thought I look alike Airi-chan a little, and it made me happy Please forgive me for enjoying this small happiness!


To be honest, I would like to show you Moa in this hairstyle at a stage of Sakura Gakuin. But, our hairstyles are basically decided by our teachers for us!! We dance wildly at the stage and our hairstyle must be easy to dance with. But, I think this hairstyle is not bad for dancing. Dear teachers, please put it into one of possible hairstyles of me for a concert.

I hope it will come true till my graduation.

Girls want to have their hair in cute, their favorite styles!! Female Fukei-sans can understand my feeling, can't you? I just love cute things. I love being cute

I watched a TV commercial of 'XY' in which Hirose Suzu-chan (the following poster girl of XY after Matsui Airi-chan) is crying. Crying Suzu-chan made my eyes heart-shaped. Too cute! After all, I just feel happy to see her kawaii-ness!

【XY is a wedding-information magazine. The crying-Suzu CM(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9xvZcy8K-Y)】

I also love to see Hirose Suzu-chan on drama 'Gakkou no Kaidan'【Stairs of a school】every week

I usually can't watch the programs in real time. But I never miss to record and watch them.

As the same president of student council,【Hirose Suzu play an act of the president of student council on the drama】,

I watch the drama thinking 'If I were her"--how I can persuade teachers or other students to do something, how I can climb a step to improve our school. ....And how I can send what I want to send in the last two months. I will try my best!!

Someone may think Moa being so naive that dramas or animes made me move deeply. BUT! The cute things are cute Having fun is fun!!! I love to see my loving things My favorite things give me power!!


I can't dislike such naive, pure and simple me. I want to be such Moa forever For sure, I also love merry, funny things!!! I want to show you many kind of expressions of me.

Drive yourself forward without fear, Moa!!!

P.S. I also love to eat, as always. I will eat without fear. lol