Sakura Gakuin reflections about 4th program on #LoGiRL

Sakura Gakuin girls Ooga, Rinon, Yui and Yunano along with Mori-Sensei shared their thoughts about the new Sakura Gakuin online program on #LoGiRL (watch here the full program). Ooga about her greetings, Rinon about idols, Yui about her nervousness an Yunano about her drawing. Read their impressions translated by 2zko.

Ooga, rinon, Yui, Yunano and Mori-Sensei about the new #LoGiRL program

Saki Ooga - "Good Ooganing, Could my newly invented greeting reach people overseas too?? Today, I couldn't relieve the tension from beginning to end (tears) I'll try to become better and I'll also study more about the way to become a good talker.

As to my way of eating gyoza (= a dumpling with minced pork and vegetable stuffing) and corn dog, please try once Lol" 

Ooga Saki

Rinon Isono - "I am Isono, THE REGULAR on the "Houkago! Manan-de Monday!"(LOL) I enjoyed this time too♥ Did you know what "Mille crêpes" is? I want to go eat it with Sakura members next time. Let me know if you know some recommended idol. Rinon

Yunano Notsu - "I appeared on LoGiRL for the first time in two weeks!!! It was very very fun. As new segments have started in it, I want to try to make our program more interesting and I also want to grow up Fukei-sans!! Please look forward to our program and us growing up in the future too. P.S. The fans of "Shingeki no kyojin (Attack on Titan)", I'm sorry." 

Yui Mizuno - "I appreciate you watched us this time, too (✿╹◡╹✿) I'd be happy if we succeeded in show you Fukei-Sans a new interesting side of Sakura Gakuin. I could enjoy myself more than last time. We will deliver a Sakura Gakuin show which is unique and filled with our individualities in the week after next too :D We will do our best with smiles!! The 3rd grader of the junior high school." Yui Mizuno.

And Mori-sensei wrote;

"The chair person of nervous has evolved into the chair person of a competitive spirit.

Yunano (sometimes) makes me upset, she is funny though"..  Hayashi Mori