Sakura Gakuin "Happy Valentine" event information

Sakura Gakuin decided the details for "The Road To Graduation 2014 'Happy Valentine'" event with 2 shows the same day at Liquidroom on February 15. Open doors, and goods booth details can be found below. Thanks for the translation Thomas Malone

Sakura Gakuin "Happy Valentine" event details

Sakura Gakuin will perform next week for "The Road To Graduation 2014 'Happy Valentine'" on February 15 at Liquidroom. 

First stage show starts at 15:00

Second stage show starts at 18:30

Time of sales: February 15th (Sunday)

1st Open 2:30/Start 3:00

Advanced sales 12:00 

2nd Open 6:00/Start 6:30

Advanced sales 4:00  


Sales can not be made for goods for persons who do not have a ticket.

The time of sales and the place of sales may change due to weather conditions on the day. In this event there will be an announcement made at the site. 


Location of sales:

We are planned to do sales on the 2nd floor of the concert hall. Please refer to announcements on the day of the event. 

Items for sale:

New items, existing items.

  • The Road to Graduation 2014?T-shirts 3,000 yen (including tax) Sizes S, M, L, XL 
  • Sakura Gakuin 2014 Nendo Bandana with a random "Happy Valentine" message 1,500 yen (including tax)  
  • 1 message photo included on the bandana from a random member of Sakura Gakuin will be included with a purchase of a bandana. 
  •  The Road to Graduation 2014 Mug cup 1,300 (tax included 
  • The Road to Graduation 2014 Passmo case 1,200 (tax included) 
  • Celebration in December 2014 LIVE Photo set 2,300 (tax included) 
  • Sakura Gakuin 2014 Nendo Narikiri Club activity Photo set 2,000 yen (tax included) 
  • The Road to Graduation 2014 "Happy Valentine" Sticker 300 yen (tax included) 
  • Sakura Gakuin Strap ver.2  1,200 yen (tax included) 
  • Sakura Gakuin Flag 700 yen (tax included) 


We have prepared goods for both the (shows 1 and 2 respectively) but since the goods are limited there may be cases where they are sold out. Please be aware of the fact that once the goods are sold out for each show we will announce this fact.   

It is prohibited to hang out around the area of the arena as it will be a disturbance to others. Do not hang around the area in the late night or early morning hours. We are not responsible for accidents or cases of theft occurring around the arena.

Please take personal care of your own belongings.