BABYMETAL Album 1st Anniversary Giveaway! 

BABYMETAL Newswire is very excited to announce the Second Giveaway! This time in honour of the BABYMETAL debut album 1st Anniversary next February 26 we will giveaway the BABYMETAL Album! Read below the simple rules to participate.

Win the BABYMETAL debut Album with BABYMETAL Newswire!

BABYMETAL after almost 4 years of hard work released their first Album on February 26 of 2014. Helped by the viral Gimme Chocolate music video, the album reached the Top of the charts around the world very fast, and still fighting to keep the Metal Resistance on the Top of the World. The self-titled album recieved several awards and recognitions around the world, from metal sites and Magazines like Metal Sucks or Metal Hammer, to Billboard, Billboard Japan, Oricon, Tower RecordsHMV or CD Japan.  

In our initiative to be "Made by the fans, for the fans", since our inception the idea was to give fans the chance to get real BABYMETAL merchandise. On our first Giveaway, Newswire gave away a BABYMETAL "The One" Membership and a HMV x BABYMETAL Magazine

This time, following a couple of simple steps you will be running to win the original BABYMETAL Album

Representative picture
Representative picture


We are interested to know your thoughts about the BABYMETAL Album, because you never know when Kitsune-Sama could be reading your comments, and maybe, just maybe he would check this post and help you with "holy likes" for best comment!

You only need to tell us why you like the BABYMETAL Album, open your heart, be honest, put an interesting review to let people know why you love this album and why YOU WANT this album!


The reviews must have at least 50 words. Comments with less words than 50, will not be considered to participate. 


This is very easy, the comment with most likes will win the Album! Just share this post with your friends, and make them know that with a single like they are helping you to get the album!

Please don't spam groups with the link, be smart we will considerate everything.


The Item will be shipped from CD Japan directly to the winner's address. 

Deadline, FEBRUARY 25TH

The winner will be announced on FEBRUARY 26.


BABYMETAL Newswire is not resposible for malfunctions in the "Facebook comments" application. Facebook comments application sometimes is a bit unstable. 

The winner of the BABYMETAL album is: Ilham Syaputra!

Congratulations to the winner of the 2nd BABYMETAL Newswire Giveaway: Ilham Syaputra!

Ilham reached 117 likes. Congratulations! If you are Ilham's friend, please let him know! 


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