Karen Girl's Behind The Scenes + Performance on Animelo Summer Live 2008

Karen Girl's did one of their most important performances at Saitama Super Arena for the Animelo Summer Live 2008. Read or report and also watch the exclusive behind the scenes and peformance of their song "Over The World" with english subtitles by our translator Thomas Malone

Karen Girl's behind the scenes at Saitama Super Arena 

Animelo Summer Live is the biggest annual concert of anisongs (Anime songs) in Japan organized by Animelo Mix. The artists on animelo are singers or seiyuus dedicated to make anime songs. 

On 2008 Suzuka Nakamoto was member of the group Karen Girl's, they did songs for the anime "Zettai Karen Children". They performed live playing the song "Over The Future" at Saitama Super Arena on August 30, on the first day of the 2 days event Animelo Summer Live. Karen Girl's performed along with artists like Ali Project, Yoko Ishida, CooRie, Minami Kuribayashi, Yukari Tamura, Minori Chihira, Nana Mizuki, Masami Okui and many more. 

Karen Girl's performed Over The Future, the song was the #15 in the Animelo Summer Live 2008 Setlist. The event had a total of 40 songs, including 2 more as encore, the last two songs of the event are always performed by all the artists invited to show. In this specific event all the artists of the event sang the songs: "Generation - A" and "Yells - It's A Beautiful Life". 

Watch the exclusive behind the scenes featuring, Suzuka Nakamoto as Karen Girl's member.