2011.03.06 - Sakura Gakuin about their uniforms and new album "Message"

Sakura Gakuin was interviewed by Kawaii Girl Japan to talk about their new Album "Message", the concept of their uniform and the Sakura Gakuin 2011 Nendo Departure. More details below. 

Sakura Gakuin about their sub-units, Airi, their uniforms and more

After the presentation of each member, they introduced Sakura Gakuin and the design of the uniform. Also they highlight Airi improvements. Suzuka talks about the other sub-units and also about BABYMETAL. Yui, Hinata, Raura and Nene explain the content of their new album "Message". Marina makes mention to the new challenges for the next semester and Moa about the Sakura Gakuin 2011 Nendo Departure

Watch the full interview with english subtitles below!