Sakura Gakuin reflections about 3rd #LoGiRL program

Sakura Gakuin girls shares their reflections after their thrid appearence on #LoGiRL program (watch it here). This time Rinon, Sara, Ooga and Megumi along with Mori-Sensei. Read the translated reflections by 2zko.

Megumi, Sara, Rinon, Ooga and Mori about 3rd #LoGiRL program

Megumi: I" was really nervous; I got flustered and hardly knew what I was saying myself. But I burst out laughing when I found Mori-sensei was also nervous. I want many people to know Sakura Gakuin." Megumi Okada

Sara: "Possible Stories about Our Seniors" was very fun for us and we had so much to talk about. Though the seniors were absent, we could show our usual selves, couldn't we??? And I think also fukei-sans could see some new aspects of our seniors." Sara

Rinon: "Were "Possible Stories about Our Seniors" interesting? It was very fun to be able to talk a lot about that. I had even more kinds of things to talk about,though... : P It was the first time I was on duty of MC, but I felt surprisingly at ease :D I'll keep trying my best!! How was my first MC?" Rinon Isono

Ooga: "A scary live streaming without any seniors finished! I hope I didn't make them angry; But I got more confidence due to this streaming. I will make the best use of this valuable experience from now on!!" Saki Ooga

Mori: "Very interesting! After that, the Nice MC Isono really got scared. That means the seniors would usually be that scary."