2015.02.04 - Yui Mizuno new diary: "Look alike?"

Yui Mizuno wrote a new diary, this time about Sara Kurashima. She talks about the resemblance between each other. Not only physically also on their way of being Sakura Gakuin members. Read the diary translated by Onji Kobe

Yui and her look alike with Sara Kurashima

It's Yui.

I know this is sudden, but do you think Yui and Sara look alike!?

Okay, first of all, I show you our photos in various expressions.

We are often said to look alike by other members and teachers. And I agree to it. Not only in facial expressions, but also in our personalities -- such as we both can't express ourselves in public well...lol I sometimes told Sara "We are alike in personality too"

The other day, Yui had my hair cut! Then Sara told me "Have you had your hair permed straight?" No way! How can she misunderstand it? lol

Another day, Sara wanted to say 'No problem' and said 'No program'...lol So I told her "It's wrong. You must say 'No problem'". A few weeks later, Sara said 'No proglem'... Close!!! lol

Sara often comes to me and asks advice on dancing or the meaning of lyrics. It's my pleasure to be a help of hers. I feel happy to see Sara grow up fast.

We enjoy chit-chats, and talk serious matters. Sometimes Sara consult me on her problems. Once she wrote a letter to me It made me really happy. Thank you, Sara!

When I was young, my adoring graduates had supported Yui. I'm not sure I could have done the same things to Sara...but I think it wonderful that a kouhai having been supported by senpais grow up to be a next senpai who now support next kouhais....don't you think so?

I am heartily thankful to have been able to join Sakura Gakuin.

Mizuno Yui, The 3rd Grade of middle school.