2015.02.03 - Moa Kikuchi new diary: "Rinon" 

Moa wrote a new diary to talk about Rinon Isono. Moa shares her thoughts about the drastic changes Rinon has taken in the last year, the time they spend together, her talks about problems inside Sakura Gakuin and much more. A gread new diary which makes us feel that Moa is introducing the new Sakura Gakuin President, Rinon Isono. 

Moa shares her thoughts about Rinon Isono

Good mornooning. It's Moa.

Come on! Rinon!! This year's very first diary of you (January 5) was written in TWO loose-leaf papers! lol

Do you remember we had been told by a teacher "Please write New Year's resolution or like for your 1st diary this year in ONE loose-leaf paper as usual. And add one photo"? The diary of you seems to be two pages long and has several photos, doesn't it? lol

.....Yes, I tried to make fun of Rinon's diary!!

Well, such Rinon has, as you come to know, changed drastically in 2014 Nendo. Someone might think 'Oh, what happend to you Rinon!'...We have been amazed by Rinon's improvement. Previously, Rinon had been just saying 'I am a genious' at any time, at any circumstances, in sunshine or in rain.'

But 2014 Nendo had come and...Rinon has come to listen to everyone's words carefully and pay good consideration to others. In fact, Rinon is a thoughtful kind of a person by nature. But she couldn't express her thought well. I guess she had been vexed at herself. Oh, I know sometimes she had been really aloof just as she looked... Even such aloof Rinon was cute and Moa loved her aloofness.

In Sakura Gakuin, we cannot leave our weaknesses as they are. As we get older, we must think of 'better Sakura Gakuin' and must take good care of juniors. A part of Moa want to keep watching playful-dumb-bunny Rinon but she has made an effort -- successfully! -- to improve herself in order to support us seniors.

Moa think Rinon understand juniors best among Sakura girls. Nowadays, Rinon has been entrusted to teach choreography to juniors, and she stays at the dorm as far as possible and is looking after dorm students. As a leader of dorm students, Rinon has to give advice or tell off someone for something. And, even with C-chan's coorperation, there are a lot of difficulties.

Rinon sometimes phones me and talks to me about several problems. It's fun to be with other members. But there is a time we have to be serious -- after all, we are not just friends to play with. I know Rinon has hard times with juniors -- young people sometimes tend to make light of earnestness and disrespect seniors. And she is doing her best to overcome difficulties!!

Rinon has come to do right things she should do, and come to be able to express herself. Rinon, now you're very dependable and so cool!!!

Probably Rinon will have many things to worry about Sakura Gakuin or about school life from now on too.

But I know you will be able to get over them.

Recently, Rinon is listening to many kind of Idol songs, and is practicing dancing and singing very seriously -- she is trying to know 'What is Idol-songs' or 'How Sakura Gakuin should be'. Moa is confident that Rinon will think a lot, worry a lot, and improve a lot! Moa, along with Fukei-Sans will be always on your side, Rinon. And...I hope you will keep showing us 'dumb-bunny Rinon' once or twice in a while. wink