BABYMETAL on "METROCK Festival" on May 24! 

Announced by the band on their official Website and confirming the rumors, BABYMETAL will play once again on the METROCK Festival next May 24 at the Shinkiba-Wakasu Park. More details below. 

BABYMETAL returns to Tokyo Metropolitan Rock Festival

BABYMETAL will plat at METROCK on May 24 (Sunday) at the Shinkiba-Wakasu Park in Tokyo. 

BABYMETAL played for the first time on the Tokyo Metropolitan Rock Festival on May 26 of 2013 doing 5 song Setlist performing with Babybones more details on our TOUR DATES section. 

Open doors at: 10:00

Festival starts at: 12:00

Tickets with tax included: 

1 Day Ticket: ¥9.800

2 Days Ticket: ¥18000

Tickets available on March 29 (Sunday) at 10:00AM Japanese Time. 

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BABYMETAL will be sharing stage with Kana-Boom,, Kyuusonekokami, Guess Extremity Maiden, Go Go Vanillas!, Japan Funk, The Telephones, Haku, Passepeid and many more!